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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the good Lord said, "Though shalt make many lie-filled websites, in order to force my will upon the world and confuse the masses."

Remember when you are looking at things on the web that pretty much anyone can make a website. There is as much if not more bad information as there is good, helpful information on the internet.

Here's an example:

You would think this would be.... prochoice? You'd be wrong.

I didn't read all of their information, but here is what it says about ru-486 (the abortion pill which I used).

"You have the right to know that this drug has an unsafe record and bad side effects. Unlike the FDA's scientific approval of all other drugs, this drug was approved for use by women based on it's profit potential for the abortion industry and political pressure from their cult like followers. Many cases of abortion related deaths are aggressively disputed, and those who report them are subject to intimidation."

Let's get one thing straight, and this is a very important thing prolifer's hate for women to know: significantly more women die or are seriously harmed giving birth than having abortions. That's the fact, jack! (But don't just take it from me, do your homework reading reliable sources, such as medical journals). Pregnancy is risky business from start to finish, regardless of whether you terminate early or let it go to term. This is one of the main reasons we need access to abortions: pregnancies put our bodies at risk. We need to be able to make our own choices about how to handle those risks.

"The abortion industry"??? Do they mean the network of non-profits that are constantly struggling to provide more services for more women with less and less funding? The FDA doesn't really give a rats ass whether or not they are keeping afloat financially.

"Cult like followers"? Is that me? Um, I'm the atheist here, k? k. Also, the FDA restricted American women's access to this safe effective medication for years while women in Europe used it successfully. Why? Because of pressure of cult-like followers.... perhaps like's author? Hmmmm? Yes.

"Worst of all this could be given to you with out you knowing. For this reason alone, women should fight to ban it's use."

Ok now.... If you've been reading my blog you know a thing or 2 about taking the abortion pill. For example IT NEEDS TO DISSOLVE IN YOUR CHEEK FOR 30 MINUTES. It's really hard to trick someone into accidentally dissolving 4 pills in their mouths for 30 minutes. The first pill, which is just swallowed, is always taken in front of a doctor. But maybe to make this woman feel safer, we should ban any drug that someone could sneak into her food... like medications for cancer, diabetes, hypertension, painkillers, etc. Or we could just keep the prescription system, which has done a pretty good job of regulating who gets which drugs.


Ginny said...

Things like this make me so angry. I hate when people against it lies. Thanks for this blog, truly!

I have 2 daughters. I almost died with my first, so I am here to say that pregnancy definitely isn't always safe.

Another thing that gets me with pro-life stats is that a lot of woman that have abortions, could very well have had a miscarriage anyway. Abortions are usually done before a miscarriage could happen. I love the saying that God performs more abortions then people do. (I'm atheist and usually pro-lifers are religious)

Henrietta VIII said...

These sites are pretty awful - especially the ones with photos of aborted fetuses. They usually are mislabeled as earlier in pregnancy than they actually are, and oftentimes are outright lies, as these articles show:

THIS is the most ridiculous and disgusting thing I've seen from the pro-life websites:
It basically shows a man shooting an infant with a shotgun because 'it's the same thing' as abortion. It's really cheesy, actually, but it's also horrifying to portray infanticide and abortion as the 'same thing', or abortion as a simple decision.