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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finding Out

When we were fooling around, I noticed that my boobs hurt, and said so to my partner.
"Oh," he said, "I'm sorry- am I being too rough?"
"No," I said, "they just kind of feel sore for some reason."
Of course, what I was thinking was "they feel sore because I am pregnant." But since I always think I am pregnant for 2 days before my period- even when we have been really good about condoms and everything- I figured there wasn't much point in sharing what I was thinking.
The next night I was crampy, and thought, "yup, I'll get my period tomorrow morning."

Well, I guess if you read the title of the blog it sort of ruins the suspense, but I didn't. And my boobs by that point were starting to hurt pretty much all the time. And that wasnt really typical pre-menstrual stuff for me. I was pretty sure of what was going on. Ever hopeful, I stuck my finger up there just to be sure there wasnt some tiny trickle of blood somewhere. Nope. I decided I would wait one more day before taking a pregnancy test because 1) I have thought I was pregnant for no good reason on many occasions, and maybe boobs just feel bad from time to time. 2) I'm a penny pincher, and pregnancy tests aren't free.

So that was the plan, but I ended up taking the test as soon as I came home from work. So... there it was. Exactly what I expected, but definitely not what I was hoping for.

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