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Monday, December 15, 2008

Prolifers: this is not your forum.

Im trying to keep this blog as generally a resource for women who are planning to abort, and not a place for prolifers to debate me, or make jabs at my politics or personal choices.

You can do that on your own blogs.

I will post prolife ranting if it is:

a) Funny, and short.
b) Something I feel like commenting on.
c) Actually interesting or relevant in my opinion (but it probably isn't).

I am more likely to post it if it is in response to this post, since hey, this post is about you guys. And also that would make it easy for people to avoid if they aren't interested.


Tonal Bliss said...

Oh, goody. That's wonderful to hide the facts from those who want to get an abortion... :(

AbortionBlogger said...

Sega Mon has been sending me lots of comments, which he thinks you should know about. He think I'm "hiding the facts" by not posting everyone's opinion on my blog. I think people have access to lots of opinions in lots of different places, so I don't have to represent all view points here. We all see things a little differently.

If you think Sega Mon is the right person to go to for information, by all means visit his blog. The link is above, with one of his comments.