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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Insurance is so confusing.

So I talked to my insurance company, and they said lots of things in insurance language that made no sense.

The gist of it (I think) was that the amount planned parenthood quoted me for the cost of the abortion was probably discounted based on my income(since they are a non-profit and do that kind of thing), but since I had insurance my insurance was charged the full cost (which was indeed over $1,000).

Also- this thing they sent me that looks like a bill is not. It is telling me how much I should have owed to Planned Parenthood after my insurance paid their portion, which was $254.13. But, I paid $525. So Planned Parenthood owes me the difference and my insurance company could care less because it isn't their money that is in question. It's mine. So I have to sort it out myself. I've tried calling the billing phone number at planned parenthood for a while, and it reminds me of this other time I was trying to reach them on the phone....

Ussually I would go to my parents to help me figure out this sort of insurance stuff, or to the person in my office who deals with insurance stuff. But my parents are prochoice politically but not personally, and I have no idea what my co-worker thinks on the topic and don't want deal with pity or condemnation in the workplace. It just wouldnt be pleasant.

So I'm done trying to deal with this for today. I guess I will try again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when this kind of stuff gets complicated. As if the clinic wasn't hard enough to deal with now you have to wrestle with a bunch of red tape.

What about just going into the clinic or wherever the billing services are and asking them face to face? I always find the best response that way.

AbortionBlogger said...

I tried to sort it out in person, but they said all they could do at the clinic is give me the phone number for their billing department. A number which has been busy 100% of the times I have tried to call. :(