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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Author of Un-Expecting in Choice USA

I like this post so much, I'm copying a bunch of quotes here, but you should probably just read the whole thing.

"When I started searching I wasn’t looking for political or religious discussions. All I wanted was to know where to go, what to do, and what it would feel like. I wanted to know that all these crazy symptoms and emotions that I’m experiencing are normal. I wanted to hear first-hand from girls who’ve had abortions, whether in the recent weeks or decades earlier. I wanted to know why they did it and how it went and what happened afterwards. I wanted to look up abortion the same exact way I would look up a hotel I’ve never stayed in or a diet I’m thinking of trying. I wanted to hear honest pros and cons. I wanted tips about things like what anesthesia option to pick or how to keep my morning sickness and mood swings from driving me (and my boyfriend) nuts in the weeks before the surgery."

"There is such a taboo about this incredibly common surgery that keeps many of us from discussing it freely with even our closest of friends, but online I’ve found a new group of women to share with. Perhaps someday abortion will be no less polemic than getting ones wisdom teeth pulled, but until then I’m hoping that by putting my (admittedly nervous) voice out there I am in some tiny way helping to make that a reality. And maybe the next group of girls that type the word abortion into the search box will be a little more encouraged by the results."

High fives to all the awesome pro-choice abortion bloggers out there!


Anonymous said...

Good idea for a blog. Just found it today; hope you'll keep it up indefinitely.

AbortionBlogger said...

thanks feminist guy! I shall keep it up.