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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Big Scary Day

So, I went to take my anti-nausea suppository which I'm supposed to take 30 minutes before the other meds. And then, only then did I remember the nurse told me to put the suppository in the refrigerator as soon as I got home. Damn it!

The only number they gave me was for emergencies like "If you pass blood clots larger than lemons for more than 2 hours".

This wasnt really an emergency, I just didnt know if I could take the meds or not. I tried googling it, no luck. There is no info for in case you mess up the instructions. Plenty of websites reminded me it should indeed be refrigerated. So I decided to call a pharmacy. I wasnt sure if they would give me advice since I didnt get it from them, but nobody asked. I just told them what the med was, and asked if it was ok that I forgot to refrigerate it. The pharmacist told me it might have melted in warmer months, but it was fine if it was still in a solid form. So we were good.

It was really hard not to poop it out immediately. But after about 10 minutes it was ok. Now I need to take the buccal (dissolve btwn cheek and gums) meds.

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