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Friday, December 5, 2008

Tomorrow is Clinic Day!

So... tomorrow is clinic day. The day where I get to wait bajillions hours in a crowded clinic for an ultrasound and mandatory counseling and a pill. And some pills to take home with me.

The ultrasound is to make sure I dont have an ectopic pregnancy. Man, that must suck, especially if you wanted to grow that little cluster of cells into a human. I wonder how pro-lifers feel about ectopic pregnancies.

I'm nervous, but Im not as emotional as I was the first few days. I don't know if it was hormones, or just stress, but I've had some moody grumpy days lately.

I'm worried that the staff at planned parenthood won't be nice(and even more worried that it will make me act like an idiot or get all emotional in front of strangers). I'm worried that I don't have soduko or anything else planned to do while I am there waiting. I'm worried that they will tell me I have to do the surgical kind and to come back later after my sea monkey has grown into a bigger sea monkey... eek!!! I don't like it growing!!! Let's do this shit right away.

I'm also worried I will hemorrhage and die after I take all the pills ("pretty damn unlikely", says the science-y part of my brain) or that I just won't be able to deal with the pain. I'm kind of more squeamish about pain than I was when I was younger maybe because I've had some surgeries and now I kinda know... shit can really really hurt some times. But I'm pretty hopeful this will hurt less in degree and duration then some of the other medical procedures I've gone through. Don't worry, readers... I'll keep you posted. I'll probably distract myself from said pain by typing away to you. Oh, and watching zombie movies.

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