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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Follow up appt postponed

I was supposed to have my followup appt today, at 11. But around 9, when I was still asleep, I got a phone call from planned parenthood telling me they had to cancel all appointments for that day because they didn't have a doctor in. It was rescheduled for next week. I was hoping to spend next weekend with my family, but I guess now I'll have to come back for the appointment early. Okay, thanks for messing up my holidays!

I fell back asleep, and then the phone rang again. It was another person from planned parenthood telling me my appointment had been cancelled. She said, "hello, I'm calling to cancel your appointment."
"yea, someone already called," I said.
"Oh, ok," she said, and hung up.

I think its weird that no one seemed to think an apology was in order... how can they just cancel people's appointments? I would have asked more questions, but I was half asleep. I briefly pondered the idea that this was some anti-choice nutjob calling pretending to be planned parenthood to mess with me, but I'm pretty sure they don't have my phone number or know when my dr.'s appointments are.

I'm generally pretty annoyed about the whole thing, but feel worse for the women who were going for abortions today and were made to reschedule. That's just fucked up. We need women's clinics to be reliable, because it's our bodies and our health and it's just really pretty important.

Planned Parenthood emailed me today asking for donations, and it just sort of pissed me off. I mean, obviously they need more money. And more women need access to their services, and we sure as hell need someone standing up for women against the anti-choicers. But also they obviously need to get their shit together. At least the location near me. I've been to a different one before for regular check ups, and they seemed much more one top of things. You know, answering the phone, making sure doctors show up for work, not cancelling people's appointments 2 hours before hand etc. I know they do their best with limited resources, but I really expect more from them.


Anonymous said...

I'm just a guy, but I salute you for writing this blog and putting up with all the pro-life ranting you must receive.

AbortionBlogger said...

thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Like anonymous I'm just a guy, but thanks for writing this blog. It's enlightening to read a firsthand description grounded in reality rather than the religious craziness you find everywhere else.

Hope your follow-up goes well, take care.

Eli C said...

I started working at an abortion provider after reading all of the blogs popping up, and deciding I really wanted to help make the experience better for women.

So I'd just like to reply, belatedly, in defense of clinics that "need to get their shit together". Even in areas with access to abortion providers, such as yours, that doesn't mean a provider is always available. My clinic shares a NP with another, so we have her here two or three times a week. We have two doctors who alternate weekends to do surgical procedures-- they both have regular practices and lives outside the clinic, they just work with us because they feel called to.

So if any of those people get sick, which is something human and unplannable, our clinics are at a loss. And it could be worse-- one doctor covers another region of the state, doing ABs in one city in the morning, and driving two hours to do more at another clinic, before driving two more hours (in a different direction) to go home at night.

So I understand your anger at having an appointment cancelled, but please understand that we're trying to best we can, with what resources we have. And thanks for being one of the people who inspired to me to get a job I love.