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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Actually making the appointment

So once they realized why I was there, they let me through the door so I could actually have a private conversation. That was a relief. And then I actually felt like I was in the kind of space I expected Planned Parenthood to be.
The woman I talked to repeated the things I had read online about the different kinds of abortions and the prices. I would have preferred a surgical abortion, but they are most effective if you wait a bit longer into the pregnancy, and frankly, I couldn't wait to be not-pregnant again. She told me they only can do it on certain days of the week, and that I would be in the clinic for 5-7 hours regardless of which method I chose. She recorded the info from my insurance card, and was generally a pretty nice and easy to talk to person. But I was still feeling a little edgy and standoffish after having spent such a ridiculous amount of time attempting to make an appointment for something that was pretty time sensitive. She asked me if I had an idea of how far along I was, and I told her my last period was only just over a month ago. I told her I wanted a medical abortion. The other advantage of this is that the actual abortion could be done at home, and since no one here had convinced me yet that this was really a space where I could or would be comfortable, I didnt really want to do the thing there.

The most difficult thing she told me was that I could bring one adult with me. This made perfect sense, but then immediately made me stressed out about choosing a person. I'm lucky enough to have a whole gaggle of loving supportive friends who would be happy to go with me. These lovely people who I am so lucky and grateful to have in my life are all very wonderful. I didnt want to choose one. Its not that I wanted a crew with me, I didnt, I just didnt want to have to pick someone.

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