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Friday, January 13, 2012

January 2012: Stand Up for Abortion and Birth Control

I was asked to pass on information about this event. Please check it out! Attend if you can.

January 22 and 23, on the 39th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision which legalized abortion, come to DC:

Can't attend? Sign the petition:


Fetuses are not babies.
Abortion is not murder.
Women are not incubators.

A woman who cannot decide for herself when and whether to have a child is not free. Forced motherhood is female enslavement. And when women – half of humanity – are not free, then no one is free."


Anonymous said...

I agree.

I've written a defense of abortion rights here.

Matthew Lilley said...

The person who leaves writes this blog is doing such an amazing thing for our world.

The people that these words reach I feel inspire us all to think this way (which I feel is the right way or maybe the "better" way to be politically correct)

This blog brings awareness to an issue I'm sure already has plenty but it gives us more information and does nothing but back and support the claims, needs, and feelings of the many.

Thank you for giving us these necessary words.

-Matt :)

Sarah said...

You go girl! Petition signed! I'm so grateful for this blog. I wish I could have attended this event. In the meantime, I'll work on waging the e-battle:

Jenna from indonesia said...

Hi there i just found your blog was really happy i found it. I live in indonesia where abortion is illegal and women had to go to sleazy alleys to get their abortion done. I, too am having the same situation, last week i went to the govt owned planned parenthoodvwhere at that place you can have the abotion as long as you bring husband or legal guardian if you are underage.
The place was hmm shitty i guess, unlike the normal hospital i normally go where its bright and clean.
I thought of going to real doctora such as my obgyn but had to make up a really good story, i told him i am taking accutane!
My obgyn told me that i should have to do an abortion but he wont do it for religious purpose, so he gave me another good obgyn which i will see today. Wish me luck.
I guess the point what i am trying to say is that youguys are lucky to have a freedom of prochoice, that protesters are just protesting but police wont arrest you for having abortion. I am a prochoice, having 1 kid whom i took careby myself is already a handfull. But unfortunately, my choice is illegal here.

Anonymous said...

I've had an abortion quite recently. While part of me feels a weight has been lifted, I also echo other women in feeling changed. While I think women should have a right to choose, I also believe that the pro-life constituency should rethink the way they send this message. Prior to my abortion was an extremely difficult point in my life. Rather than to keep my baby or abort this was mostly centered around the feeling that although there were supportive people to talk to, it was hard to want to talk. I feel that abortion has become so politicized that everyone has an opinion on it, positive or negative. and most of those opinions stand polarized at two extremes, both self righteous.
I had gotten pregnant while on birth control, something the doctors seemed to think I was telling myself to somehow feel better about the situation.
Abortion is an individual experience. It is not as simplified as either pro choice or pro life factions make it. It is not a casual trip to the dentist. For me, it was physically painful. And although they are rare, some women do have negative health outcomes. What if you were part of this minority? What kind of support would you find? I believe that in the long term view of my life, my abortion was necessary. However, as I stand "pro-choice" I want to say that it was scary, difficult, and painful. It is not something I want to celebrate or be flippant about. It was a big event. I'm expressing this feeling for two reasons: I believe that no matter where you stand on any issue, people should remain critical and conscious of their beliefs; keep questioning, especially in light of your experiences. Encourage differences in opinion. Even if you aim to have an inclusive political agenda, keep in mind who you might be alienating. The second is to offer my subjective opinion, that chooses to stay in the gray of this issue rather than the black or white. Overall despite the content I do recognize that this blog has created a space for dialogue, and I thank you for that.